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A bonding space between mother and kids through meaningful and interesting baking activities

The weekend baking workshop is a periodic activity organized by Pegasus International College, which is aimed at those who have interests in cuisine and baking or wish to explore new experiences. The baking workshop format called “Mommy & Me” always receives special attention because of its interesting theme and the connection between children and their loved ones when participating in the program. Under the guidance of instructors, children and their relatives can prepare and practice step by step to complete the finished product with themes such as Carrot almond cake and Moon cake.

The “little chef” outcome after the lesson

Through the program, Pegasus not only provides a baking experience but also an opportunity for children and loved ones to enjoy the feeling of happiness when seeing the products created with their own hands. It is hoped that this “Mommy & Me” weekend baking workshop will be an interesting and memorable event, bringing together a warm and loving moment in the kitchen space.

The teachers enthusiastically guide so that the children know how to do it right away