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SPA and Skin care” has become indispensable to the hospitality industry. Having “Spa and Skin care” service in place helps the hotels meet the needs of a comprehensive customer experience, upgrading the standard service quality, so that it will bring a significant source of revenue for the hotel.

Understanding the recruitment needs of hotels, Pegasus International College has designed the program “Spa and Skin care” from basic to advanced, from therapist to Spa business owners, according to international standards. Courses provide learners with the latest knowledge in the field of Spa and Skin care in the world and in Vietnam.

The “Basic and Advanced Spa Therapist” course provides specialist knowledge in massage and skincare processes from beginner to advanced level. Besides, with a practice time of over 90% of the course, students will practice skills in the most professional way.



  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Certification of completion of the course, issued by Pegasus International College (National validity)
  • Basic course: 120 hours
  • Advanced course: 120 hours
  • Language of instruction: Vietnamese
  • More than 90% program is practical training
  • International standard facilities and equipment in a modern learning environment
  • Students have the opportunity to practice at famous Spa facilities during their studies
  • Student can work immediately upon graduation


The course is for:
  • High school graduates
  • Young people who want to become Spa Therapist
  • Spa professionals who want to improve their technique and obtain a training license to work
  • Lecturers having extensive teaching experience and practical work at Pegasus International College
  • Depending on the course
  • Depending on the course
  • Certification of completion of the course, issued by Pegasus International College (National validity)
Career Opportunities
  • Students completing the course can work in hotels, or in spa and skin care facilities


BASIC LEVEL (120 hours)

  • Introduction to Spa
  • Spa Equipment and Products
  • Basic body anatomy
  • Massage techniques and holistic massage
  • Exfoliation treatments

ADVANCED LEVEL (120 hours)

  • Advanced body anatomy
  • Reflexology techniques
  • Vietnamese massage
  • Hot stone massage
  • Shiatsu massage
  • Thai massage
  • Balinese massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Exfoliation treatments
  • Aroma therapy