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KinderWorld Education Group established Pegasus UniCollege in Brisbane, Australia, specializing in providing short and long-term courses. Pegasus UniCollege in Australia is an accredited training organization (RTO No. 31984) of the Australian Skills Quality Agency (ASQA). Pegasus UniCollege in Australia has licensed Pegasus International College in Vietnam to deliver Australian Qualification in Vietnam.

1 / Major in Hospitality

Australian Qualifications: There are 2 programs at 2 levels

+ Cao dang (Diploma level)

This is a 2-year Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management – a National training program from Australia. Students will undertake this program entirely in English with many foreign teachers. The first year addresses operational skills and includes a 3-month industry placement and the second year addresses leadership and management skills, exit after 1 year is possible with certificate qualification. The qualifications are issued by Pegasus UniCollege Australia.

+ Certificate Level

Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management program allows students to exit after 1 year is possible with certificate qualification. The qualifications are issued by Pegasus UniCollege Australia. With this certificate, students can work in hotels and resorts. Students can return to the College at any time to continue the second year of study to complete the Advanced Diploma program.

Vietnamese Qualifications: There are 2 programs at 2 levels

+ Cao dang (Diploma level)

This program has been compiled based on the Australian program. Students will study in Vietnamese, for 2.5 years, including 3 months of internship. The first year addresses operational skills, and the second year addresses leadership and management skills. The qualification is issued by Pegasus International College, Vietnam under the authority of MOLISA.

+ So cap (Certificate level)

The course takes 8 months, including 2 months of internship, with the practical time accounting for 70% of the study program. Students will learn operational skills in the areas of food and beverage service, bartending, housekeeping and front office.

2 / Major in Cookery and Patisserie

Australian Qualifications

+ Study entirely in Vietnam

This is a one-year program, including 3 months of internship. Students will study entirely in English, with many foreign teachers. At the end of the program, students will obtain the Australian National training program, SIT30816 Certificate III in Commerical Cookery.

+ International student exchange program Vietnam/Nepal

This is an 11 month program, with 5 months spent in Nepal and 5 months in Vietnam.

All expenses for meals, accommodation and air tickets (except for tuition fees) in the program are sponsored by NOREC, a Norwegian government agency that facilitates the exchange.

At the end of the program, students will receive certificate the Australian National Training Qualification, SIT30616 Certificate III in Hospitality

Vietnamese Qualifications

The Certificate in Cookery and Patisserie takes 7 months, including 2 months of internship, with practical training taking up to 90% of the study program.

3 / Major in Business Administration

United Kingdom Qualifications

Pegasus International College cooperates with the Pearson Education Organization UK to deliver the BTEC Higher National Diploma program, majoring in Business Administration. The program is 2 years and 8 months, delivered entirely in English.

There are 4 sub majors for students to choose from:

  • Business administration
  • Marketing
  • Accounting/Finance
  • Human resource management

With international courses, the program is studied entirely in English, so it requires students with English proficiency equivalent to IELTS: 5.0 [no single skill below 4.5] for Australian Qualification, and IELTS: 5/5 [no single skill below 5.0] for BTEC. The student’s certificates of English proficiency issue date must not exceed 6 months by the time of Admission. Students may be required to take an English Placement Test.

Students who have not yet reached English proficiency can register for an additional 10-week English class in the first semester. When you reach the required level of English, you will study in the official program.

With Cao dang level, you absolutely can study to bachelor level at universities in Vietnam.

With the Australian and UK program, you can study and complete your degree in many universities here and around the world.

Definitely. Pegasus has major hotel and resort partners and will help send your information to employers in need. However, you also need to go through rounds of interviews and probation with employers to be accepted for work.

Follow the instructions below:


Complete the Admission Form fully. Your admission may be delayed or rejected if incomplete. The form is to be signed by you indicating the information provided by you is true and accurate. Return it together with any required supporting documents, including Scholarship application, to the College you wish to attend. An Admission Fee is payable upon lodging your Admission with the College.

Documents to be provided when lodging the completed Admission Form:

  1. Three (03) passport style photos 6 x 4 cm [ensure your name is written on the back of each photo]
  2. A notarized photocopy of applicant’s ID or Passport
  3. A notarized photocopy of high school certificate
  4. A notarized photocopy of other certificates (English certificate, other skills, etc.) (if any)
  5. Scholarship Application Form [separate terms and conditions apply]

Application must be submitted to:

Pegasus International College – Da Nang Campus

Pegasus International College – Hanoi Campus


English Language requirements are dependent on the course and delivery strategy. If a notarized copy of a language certificate with a score equal to or greater than the course requirements cannot be produced, an online English Placement Test will need to be done. The test fee of 500,000 VND may be waived at the discretion of the College.


If your admission is approved, your Admission Form will be counter-signed by Pegasus and a copy will be returned to you.


Following successful Admission, you will receive an invoice with the schedule of fees payable by you and the cost of uniforms for the selected course. Payment of any fee, either in part or in full, will constitute a binding agreement and an enrolment will be made in the course. Should no payment be received, your Admission will lapse and you will forfeit your Admission Fee.


Once funds have been received, Pegasus will provide all necessary supporting material for your classes. These may be provided in hard copy or soft copy form or online.