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In addition to longer academic programmes, Pegasus International College also offers SHORT courses based on the Vietnam Tourism Occupational Skills Standards (VTOS) and Australian National Programmes.

The Food Preparation course will help students practice their skills to perform the basic techniques of cooking dishes, to meet the requirements and expectations of customers with international culinary trends.

Certificate in food preparation Certification of completion of the course, issued by Pegasus International College (National validity)248 hours ~ 5 months (Part-time)
  • Language of delivery and assessment: Vietnamese
  • More than 90% program is practical training
  • International standard facilities and equipment in a modern learning environment
  • Student can work immediately upon graduation


The course is for:

The course is for those who wish to:

  • to become a cook in kitchen at restaurants, hotels or other food and beverage outlets
  • to change careers
  • to invest in/ start up with food & beverage area
  • to enhance their knowledge and skills related to food preparation
TrainersTrainers are industry experts currently working at Pegasus International College with extensive teaching experience
Duration248 hours ~ 5 months (part-time)

3 sessions / week, duration of each lesson: 3 hours

Curriculum and duration can differ at each training campus

CertificateCertification of completion of the course, issued by Pegasus International College (National validity)
Career Opportunities
  • Cook at kitchen in hotels, restaurants, and food and beverage outlets
  • Head cook or chef at small & medium restaurant


(*) Training content may vary by campus

Module 1·         Participate in safe work practices
Module 2·         Use hygienic practices for food safety
Module 3·         Clean kitchen premise and equipment 
Module 4·         Use food preparation equipment
Module 5·         Prepare stocks, sauces and soups
Module 6·         Prepare dishes using basic methods of cookery
Module 7·         Prepare and present simple dishes
Module 8·         Prepare appetizers & salads
Module 9·         Prepare and present sandwiches
Module 10·         Prepare dishes from vegetables, tubers, eggs and starch

1. Các món soup

2. Các món Salad

3. Các món Beefsteak

4. Các món Gà

5. Các món thịt lợn

6. Các món cừu

7. Các món hải sản

8. Món mì Ý

  • Và nhiều món ăn được chế biến theo công thức độc quyền của trường Pegasus
  • Nội dung và thời lượng chương trình học có sự điều chỉnh theo từng cơ sở
  • Da Nang campus: Opening monthly  
  • Hotline: 023 6730 1555
  • At the Hanoi campus: Opening monthly
  • Hotline: 024 7304 1555
  • * Curriculum content and duration are adjusted for each facility