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Guests including the Executive Chef, Executive Chef and Hotel Industry Experts were present at the evaluation session

In August, Pegasus International College and The Bistro – the training restaurant of Pegasus – welcomed nearly 30 guests to attend the skills assessment of the AQF03 students – Australian Qualification Framework in Commercial Cookery Program.

“Future” chefs demonstrate meticulousness and effort in each product

This is a special culinary skills assessment that is conducted in a simulated restaurant environment. Its aim is to evaluate the overall capabilities of the future chefs. Students work in teams to create two unique menus, each consisting of three courses – an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert. The menus are served to guests at a party, allowing the students to showcase their culinary skills. This is the final test for students before starting their three-month internships at 5-star hotels, following nine months of study.

The assessment simulates complete preparation & service steps in a professional restaurant

The evaluators are guests consisting of Executive Chefs, Sous Chefs, and Experts in the hospitality industry. They taste the dishes and provide honest and detailed reviews based on industry criteria. The experts and executive chefs were pleasantly surprised by the students’ skill level which were hard to achieve in just nine months with all the tasks from menu design, cost calculation, ingredient order,… Although it is a difficult and stressful test for students, it is a valuable and unique experience only available in Pegasus’s Culinary Training Program.

Besides good technical skills, the assessment session requires students to have proficient teamwork skills to complete the final exam