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Hanoi Campus | Dynamic and Creative with Pegasus Students on Vietnamese Teachers’ Day

The Vietnamese Teachers’ Day ceremony took place in an energetic atmosphere, filled with joy and creativity from the Pegasus students through emotional performances and innovative talent shows.
The outstanding team won first prize in the “Passion on Fire” competition

In the “Passion on Fire” talent show, each team had the opportunity to showcase outstanding craftsmanship skills, from culinary techniques and flavors to the meticulous presentation of their products.

Teams participated in performances and presentations featuring both a food item and a beverage

The “Capture Pegasus” poster presentation was equally lively. Students created unique works that exuded creativity, expressing affection and gratitude to the teachers.

The CCP 16 class took memorable photos with their unique poster creations alongside their teachers

It is hoped that teachers and students will continue to create beautiful, passionate, and successful memories together on their knowledge-conquest journey at Pegasus!

The program atmosphere was warm and filled with the enthusiasm of the students and teachers.