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Mr. Tran Duc Thang graduated with a Master’s degree in Tourism from Vietnam National University. He holds the position of Vice Principal at Pegasus International College. Before working at Pegasus, Mr. Thang was a technical expert in tourism training for the ESRT project funded by the European Union for the Vietnamese tourism industry and an expert in the assessment of VTOS (Vietnam Tourism Occupational Standards) of the Tourism Certification Board (VTCB), under the General Department of Tourism. He is also an expert in training activities and the evaluation system of the tourism profession.

Mr. Thang holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment according to the Australian Qualifications Framework and is officially recognized as an ASEAN Tourism Trainer, Lecturer, and VTOS System Trainer. Additionally, he has a certificate as a Responsible Tourism Trainer [ESRT project] and Sustainable Tourism [Swiss Sustainable Tourism Project – SSTP]. At Pegasus, he participates in the development, management, and implementation of training programs in hospitality, tourism, and culinary arts taught at the school and its business partners. Alongside his academic and professional duties, he is responsible for supporting Pegasus in developing relationships with clients and partners