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Representative of Pegasus International College during the working week at SISH Institute
Last week, College Principal – Dr. Ngo Trung Ha, Deputy College Principal – Mr. Tran Duc Thang, and representatives from the Corporate & Business Development visited and worked with representatives of SISH Institute, Singapore.
Dr. Ngo Trung Ha – Principal of Pegasus International College, and Mr. Barry Hayes – Academic Manager at SISH Institute
Welcoming the representatives of Pegasus International College, Mr. Barry Hayes – Academic Manager of SISH Institute, introduced and exchanged information about the study programs at SISH Institute.
This was a precious opportunity for both schools to share and exchange knowledge and experiences in implementing their respective educational programs. During a week of working, the leadership teams of both schools raised important questions and sought innovative solutions to enhance the quality of education and improve the learning experience for students.
Mr. Barry Hayes introduced and discussed SISH Institute’s study programs during the working week
During the visit, the two schools found several potential areas for collaboration based on the two parties’ strengths. This partnership will be a bridge for Vietnamese students, providing them with opportunities to develop their careers in Singapore and obtain Singaporean qualifications while staying in Vietnam.
Mr. Khairill Rassidy in a discussion with representatives from Pegasus International College about the Aviation and Travel Operations program
Pegasus International College is proud to announce a new collaboration with SISH Institute in Singapore to offer two exceptional programmes: Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management, and Diploma in Aviation and Travel Operations in Viet Nam. This partnership brings together the expertise and resources of both institutions, providing students with the opportunity to study in Viet Nam while earning Singapore qualifications.
Through close cooperation with SISH Institute , students not only have the opportunity to develop their careers in Singapore but also have the opportunity to receive Singaporean degrees right in Vietnam.
02 TOP DEMANDED MAJORS for recruitment:
▪Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management
▪Diploma in Aviation and Travel Operations