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Le Mai Tue Minh – Graduate of Certificate IV in Hospitality – Class of 2018

Le Mai Tue Minh (GWEN) is a graduate student of Pegasus International College’s Certificate IV course. After completing the course at Pegasus International College, Tue Minh was successfully transferred to study advanced diploma and bachelor degree at William Angliss Institute, Victoria, Australia. In March 2021, she accomplished the degree and was honored to achieve the DUX title for being the best student of the course.

Before departing for Australia, Tue Minh said that at first, she did not have any intention to study abroad, but rather study at Pegasus Danang, and experience the life of this worth-living city. Being encouraged by Michael Roberts, a teacher at Pegasus, she changed her mind and was determined to go overseas. The course at Pegasus helped Tue Minh easily transfer to the Advanced Diploma and then the bachelor’s degree at one of the oldest and largest institutes in Victoria, Australia, specializing in training hospitality, travel, and commercial cookery.

Tue Minh said that she encountered many difficulties while living in Australia. She was also grateful for the encouragement and useful advice given by Mr. Michael. The time at Pegasus was so meaningful for her because it helped her get acquainted with the Australian training program and improved her English so that when she went abroad to study, she could be more confident and quickly integrated into life in Australia.

The story of Tue Minh proves that nothing is impossible, as long as you try, do your best, the universe will help you.

Amazing, Good Job Tue Minh !!!