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A Glimpse into Pegasus’ Recent Admissions Counseling Activities

Pegasus’ Career Orientation and Admissions Counseling Program is an annual event aimed at helping high school students gain insights into the learning environment and make informed choices about their majors and future careers

During the program, Pegasus provided guidance on:

  • Choosing the right field of study based on individual strengths and interests
  • Available scholarships and financial aid options
  • Overseas study opportunities
  • Career prospects after graduation

This valuable information empowers students to make sound decisions as they prepare for their high school graduation exams and embark on their future endeavors.

Join Pegasus as we take a step back in time and revisit the heartwarming moments from our involvement in the “Folklore Festival” at Ngo Quyen High School, Nguyen Van Thoai High School, and the Career Orientation Open Day at Nguyen Trai High School held at Pegasus!