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With strengths in hospitality and culinary arts, Pegasus International College organized the Culinary & Dining Etiquette Summer Camp program with the theme: A summer in Italy. Participating in the program, students not only accumulate knowledge about cuisine, cooking skills, and mixing drinks inspired by Italian cuisine but also get to know more new friends. In the final project, students have an opportunity to showcase their talents by personally preparing, cooking, and serving a three-course meal, inviting their loved ones to join and relish the experience.

Many parents expressed their confidence in allowing their children to participate in the Culinary & Dining Etiquette Summer Camp, feeling surprised by the changes through the dishes made by their children during the practical sessions at the camp and brought back to their home kitchens. Pegasus hopes that the experiences at the Culinary & Dining Etiquette Summer Camp over the past few days have been enriching and nurturing the students’ culinary passion for the future!

The banquet table was set up in a cozy way with dishes prepared by the students themselves
The students received certificates of merit and program completion after nearly one week of studying