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Cooking is an art, and a chef is an artist
From time immemorial, the profession of a chef has always been respected as the person who makes the “soul” of the dishes. So how to become excellent in your career as a chef, with Pegasus International College, refer to the following 5 ways:

1. Cooking with all your heart and soul

Every operation of the chef needs to be precise to perfection. They need to reach that level to be able to deliver the best customer experience.

Customers will feel your excellence in each taste. In the kitchen profession, food is the mirror that reflects your personality.

2. Going beyond perfection

The beauty of perfection is that once achieved, you will never tolerate anything half-hearted. When chefs treat perfectionism as a habit, they will strive to apply the most accurate and correct principles to every dish.

Finished dishes made and presented by students of Pegasus International College.

3. Obey discipline

Discipline in the kitchen environment is reflected in the simplest tasks, such as: how we wear uniforms when going to the kitchen, food hygiene and safety, dish delivery time, plate presentation, etc. Law is a condition to determine the professionalism of the working environment.

4. Learn from your mistakes

In the pursuit of excellence, there are bound to be shortcomings. Chefs in the process of working may make mistakes, but excellent people will learn from these mistakes and move forward. Mistakes are an opportunity for every chef to learn himself and they only become serious if the individual chef does not overcome and improve on it.

5. Nothing is perfect

A good dish is when done perfectly, without mistakes from the chef, consistent in taste, outstanding presentation. As an excellent chef, you will rarely be satisfied with a dish you make. But always keep in mind the question “how to make it more delicious?” and find ways to create even more perfection.

If you have been, are and will become a chef in the future, the above 6 ways as a suggestion for you to be more successful and excellent in the field you pursue. At Pegasus, we pursue excellence in every culinary program. The knowledge imparted to the students is researched, researched and appraised by experienced chefs and experts.