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Our testimonials

How students said about Pegasus.


Pham Tuan Viet

Student of class Culinary Operation

“During the time studying at Pegasus, our members in class had a chance to work as a professional group and help each other. We could learn how to cook others Western and Asian Foods, as well as variety pastries. However, most importantly, I could learn from this course is the basic foundation to make a delicious meal is the passion of the cook for the food. If you are interested in this course, I strongly recommend Pegasus is your best choice.”


Tran Ngoc Diep

Student of class Culinary Operation

“The teachers at Pegasus devotedly transmit the knowledge and experiences to students through the course. All facilities are well- prepared. I’m getting to know these particular facilities in commercial kitchen. I highly appreciate this course because I could not only master from basic to advance knowledge, but also I could practice what I had learnt every day.”


Le Minh Viet

Pegasus International College, Danang

“My study programme at Pegasus International College for the Certificate III and IV in Patisserie was excellent. It prepared me well for my internship in Australia and my future career as a Patissier. In my mind, the experiences at Pegasus were very positive and useful, the staff friendly and very supportive. Pegasus provided a great learning environment. The course itself and the subsequent internship has opened up opportunities for me to get good job in Australia”


Tran Minh Long

Student of class Culinary Operation

“It was great and helpful time to study at Pegasus. Practicing in a well-equipped kitchen helps me eager to learn more cooking skills.After three months studying at Pegasus, I confidently master in Hospitality and Culinary Art field. All experiences and knowledge are worth valuable to me.”


Le Hong Thanh

Student of class Culinary Operation

“With a three-month program at Pegasus, I believe that the courses at Pegasus are appropriate and realistic. I’m really thankful for the devotion of the teachers here.In near future, we are having the chance to practice in the Centre Restaurant and 4-5 stars Resorts. It will be the great opportunity to practice in real environment.”


Le Thi Phuong Lien

Student of class Culinary Operation

“With the instructions and devotion of the teachers, as well as the attractive and understandable programme, I could learn basic content of Culinary Art.What I have learnt is very meaningful in pursuing a right career in my future”

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