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“Class time is a very precious experience for me. I am a person who has done many fields and the Restaurant field is a new field, so when deciding to go to school is a big decision to change habits and work arrangements. However, what I received was too great.

During the short study period, her knowledge comes from the teachers who have had experience with the profession in the big resorts, the teachers are very open-minded, imparting practical experiences that are not available anywhere else. So much so that if I take a break, I feel very sorry.
I feel so happy to be studying in a professional environment like Pegasus Da Nang. And I'm very sad when I'm about to say goodbye to school, goodbye to teachers, and finally, the sisters who have accompanied me during the past time.
Love everyone, wish everyone success in career, happiness in life "

I write this letter to express my gratitude to the teachers in the last course. The words you write below are also what you in the class would like to send you deeply grateful for your dedication, thoughtfulness, professionally invested lessons in both content and reality. practice, helping students to immediately understand and apply in practice. Always be devoted to students, trying to convey core content and experiences accumulated through a long working history and support information beyond the learning content, focusing on students.

Thank you, Mr. Tung. Thank you, beautiful Ms. Van. In particular, I would like to send my endless thanks to Ms. Nguyen and teacher Truong. She and Thay are the two teachers who have been with the class the longest, understand all members of the class with an open mindset and are very psychological.