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4 great benefits of international affiliate program

The international joint program is an international standard learning environment, helping you to accumulate more knowledge and skills that are more up-to-date with the world than the regular program.

The advantage of the international joint program is that practice takes up most of the study time, ensures the ability to develop foreign languages for students, and many internship opportunities at enterprises in an integrated environment. This experience will help students early access the real working environment, discover their potential, and build relationships with future employers.

Pegasus reviews a few outstanding advantages to help you have a more friendly view of these international affiliate programs as below:

1. Not far from loved ones, no culture shock.
The fear of being away from home, alone in a foreign land is the obsession of many international students. When you have just started an independent life, you have to deal with everything by yourself, without friends and relatives, and at the same time have to integrate and absorb the culture of your country from the custom of being born in the country: activities, food, behavior and manners of native speakers, weather… everything can be strange. In particular, you will feel quite stressed when your foreign language is not fluent. So the international affiliate program will be the best solution for you to avoid these situations.

2. Save on living and studying expenses.
It is natural if you study an international affiliate program right in Vietnam compared to studying abroad in developed countries. This savings, including both study and living costs, is only about 1/5 - 1/10 compared to studying abroad on your own. (Only slightly better than the study programs of universities in Vietnam for you to compare easily)

3. The training program meets international standards.
The training program in the form of "study abroad in your own country" will be undertaken by veteran instructors with many years of experience and meet the rigorous standards that these international programs require, so the quality of training will be ensured, comparable to your studying in that country. In addition, students also have the opportunity to do internships at large companies and international environments and participate in real business projects to accumulate knowledge and experience after graduation to help them easily learn and easy to get a great salary right out of college.

4. The degree is recognized both in Vietnam and internationally
Since most of these programs are affiliated with well-known schools around the world, the diplomas after graduation will also be issued by these schools and have internationally recognized international value.

International affiliate programs are great for students who love to explore the world. This will be a great opportunity for students to experience a new culture during their studies. Receiving a degree from developed countries is a big plus for students' resumes in the future job search process.

Hopefully, the above information from Pegasus has helped you better understand the international affiliate program, and have enough knowledge for yourself to confidently choose the program that matches your passion, and dream and step firmly into the future right here in our beloved country.

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